Zip Archive corruption often occurs due to bad CRC. When a user wants to send files of large size from the internet he must compress the data to certain extent so as to reduce its size. To compress the data a Windows user opts either WinRaR or WinZip type of data compressing applications. While the data is getting compressed a CRC value is added to the file and if this CRC value is not found to be the same after downloading the Archive then this gives rise to something called as CRC error. This error immediately results in Zip Archive corruption. Due to this error most vital files that you have saved on your Zip Archive becomes unreadable. This is not a new issue related to Zip Archive and whenever the file download process gets disturbed this error must be expected. But there is a solution to get rid of this problem. In this type of situation if you make use of advanced Zip repair software then you can successfully overcome this error and get back the access to all your Zipped data. So whenever you encounter situations such as this one where your Zip Archive data becomes completely unreachable just make use of this corrupt WinZip file repair utility and successfully fix damaged Zip Archive.

Zip Archive corruption can be dealt with ease:

Though Zip Archives get instantly damaged when CRC error occurs it is not an issue which cannot be resolved. You may come across an error stating “Extracting f_0384 bad CRC eb80c9a6 (should be 372500c6) Warning: the size of the extracted file (1974357) does not match the uncompressed size (1974076) recorded in the zip file ” when the Archive gets damaged due to CRC error. This error can be got rid of very easily with the help of advanced Zip repair program. Some users face this type of error message when the corruption to the Archive takes place due to down server error. The CRC code that is associated with the Zip Archive gets changed when some kind of electrical noise takes place due to bad network connection. When this happens the Zip Archive gets corrupted severely. In this worst condition also this application can be used.

Why advanced Zip repair and why not any other Zip Archive repair tools?

The first and foremost advantage of using this tool is that it will not modify the Zip Archive while repairing it. You can safely fix these damaged Zip Archives by utilizing this application. Any Zip Archive which is corrupted due to power outage, improper system shutdown and improper download can be repaired with the help of this software. Zip archive repair tools is the best utility to fix Zip Archives that refuse to open on Windows XP, Vista and server computers.

Steps to use this Zip Archive Repair Tool:

Step1: Choose the corrupt .zip file and hit "Repair" button.

Zip Archive Repair Tools - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Repair process is as shown in the below fig. Preview the fixed Zip file after the completion of repair process.

Zip Archive Repair Utility - Repairing Process

Figure 2: Repairing Process

Step3: Once you preview the fixed Zip file save it by choosing "Save" option.

Zip Archive Repair Software - Preview Zip File Contents

Figure 3: Preview Zip File Contents