Inaccessibility of Zip file is not a long-lasting problem:

As we all know that Zip files are data archiving file types which come into pictures, whenever large files need to be stored or shared. In some instances, these files get severely broken and refuse to open. When these file formats get damaged due to some specific causes, a Windows user usually faces various error messages. These error messages emerge to give a clear indication that the .zip file is corrupted and the data on it cannot be accessed. At this point in time, some users look out for tools which can help in repairing their damaged Zip files. Even though there are numerous repair tools available in the market, the best and the most reliable among these is advanced Zip repair which is quite smart and simple. Using this you can definitely repair damaged Zip files and restore inaccessible data from them in a very short span of time.


Advanced Software to Repair Corrupt Zip - Testimonial

Prevention is always better than cure!

Most of the Windows users take care of their Zip files only after experiencing file corruption once. This what the major mistake that we users commit. Before corruption takes place, it is always better to take certain strict measures so as to protect the files from corruption. Many a time we neglect the fact that, Zip files get damaged due to malware and spyware that enter a Windows computer system through the internet or through other external removable storage devices. By neglecting this fact or by paying least attention, we do not take certain necessary action like installing and running the antivirus application on the system. But one fine day when this negligence of us leads to .zip corruption, we get to realize that by being careless we lost certain important information. This kind of situation should be avoided by running a powerful antivirus application on the Windows system. In some situations, users store these files on their system hard drives that contain bad sectors. By doing so they will not be able to access the data which are there in the Zip file. So one must ensure that disk drive is healthy and then only the file must be stored on that particular drive. When these measures are followed, the files will remain safe to a large extent.

Circumstances that lead to Zip file corruption:

When some large sized files need to be transferred through emails, they will be zipped and then mailed. But while the Zipped files are getting moved, some or the other interruption takes place and no sooner this event results in corruption of .zip file. Interruptions like the power surge, power failure or dreadful third-party applications may suddenly create an obstacle during file transfer. Due to these the Zip file which is involved in the transfer process may get damaged and soon after the corruption different type of error messages may encounter which completely deny the user to take hold of the data stored on the file. User will not be able to access the data even when the files get downloaded incompletely from the internet. This will give rise to bad CRC due to which the user fails to open the Zip file and access the data on it. For overcoming these circumstances and for repairing corrupted Zip files, advanced Zip repair program must be used.

Why most of the industry experts suggest to opt for advanced Zip repair utility?

Industry experts recommend this product as it is beneficial from all the aspects. By using it, you can easily fix broken Zip and Zipx files on different versions of Windows machines such as XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Windows 10. Rapidly you can extract data from a 32 or 64-bit Zip file with the aid of this application. It helps in fixing even those Zip files which are of 4GB size.

How to use the Advanced Zip Repair software?

Step 1: After downloading this tool on your Windows machine run it and then from the main screen browse for the corrupt Zip file and choose it. Then click on "Repair" button to begin the repair process.

Advanced Zip Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, the repair process will take some time and once it gets completed you can preview the repaired file contents.

Advanced Zip Repair Application - Repair Process

Figure 2: Repair Process

Step 3: The repaired file contents will get displayed as shown in the below fig. To save the repaired file on your computer just hit the Save button.

Tool to Fix Broken Zip - Preview Repaired Zip File

Figure 3: Preview Repaired Zip File

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